Now Using More-Detailed State-Level PCE Data

Beginning with the 2017 IMPLAN data, we began incorporating state-level personal consumption expenditure (PCE) data in addition to the national-level data we had been using, with both sets of data coming from the Bureau of Economic Analysis’ (BEA) National Income and Product Accounts (NIPA) tables.  Relative to the national-level data, the state-level data are lagged a year and contain much less commodity detail.  Thus, we use the national data to split the state-level data into more commodity detail and to project them to the current data year.

Prior to the 2021 data year, the state-level table had just 16 commodities compared to 338 commodities in the national table.  New this year,  an additional state-level table is available that has 74 commodities – more than four times the commodity detail of previous years’ state-level tables.  This additional precision at the state level will allow for even more state-specific PCE estimates, and therefore, more accurate induced impact results at the state and sub-state levels. 

Resumption of Use of USFS Timber Sales 

In general, national-level Federal Government commodity sales are derived by distributing total Federal Government sales from BEA NIPA Table 3.10.5 (Government Consumption Expenditures and General Government Gross Output) to IMPLAN commodities based on Federal Government commodity sales from the latest BEA Benchmark tables.  Prior to IMPLAN data year 2018 , values for Federal Government sales of IMPLAN commodity 3015 (Forest, timber, and forest nursery products), at the national, state, and county levels, were obtained directly from the U.S. Forest Services (USFS).        

Due to a revamp of their methodology for producing data sets with this information, the USFS was not able to provide these data to IMPLAN during data years 2018 - 2020, such that IMPLAN’s values for this commodity were estimates generated by the method used for all other commodities described above.  Beginning with the 2021 data, this special USFS data set is once again available and IMPLAN’s values for this commodity once again come directly from the USFS. 

Name and/or Code Changes to Counties or County Equivalent Entities

No new or lost counties, and no changes to county names or codes.  



BEA Input-Output Accounts

NOAA Commercial Fisheries Landings

U.S. Census Commodity Flow Survey (CFS)

U.S. Census Relationship Files

U.S. Energy Information Administration Residential Energy Consumption Survey


Written November 28, 2022