Inventory, Capital, Foreign Exports and Imports


For the Manufacturing Sectors, the Annual Survey of Manufactures provides the inventory data. Other sectors' inventory data are derived from BEA Benchmark I-O ratios.  All sectors are controlled to the BEA NIPA accounts for the current data year. National values are distributed to states and counties on the basis of total industry output.


Non-structure capital expenditures are estimated at the national level using BEA NIPA table 5.5.5. (Private Fixed Investment in Equipment and Software) bridged to IMPLAN sectoring based on data from the latest BEA Benchmark. National values are distributed to states and counties based on total output of all new construction sectors combined. This implies that a purchase of capital goods within a state or county is linked to overall construction activity within that area. For example, a county containing 0.3% of the national new construction output would receive 0.3% of the national capital expenditures for all non-construction sectors.

Investment in structures comes from the Census Bureaus’ Annual Value of Construction put in place (by government type, controlled to total government gross investment from NIPA table 3.9.5.), and NIPA Table 5.4.5. (Private Fixed Investment in Structures by Type). Because all new construction is considered investment, the U.S. value for structural investment in each type of structure equals the output in that IMPLAN sector. Thus, national investment values for these sectors are distributed directly to state and counties based on their output in each specific new construciton sector.

Foreign Exports and Imports

Foreign export and import data come from the U.S. Department of Commerce's Foreign Trade Statistics series. National values are distributed to states and counties on the basis of local commodity production and demand, respectively.