The 2018 data release was especially exciting because it was the first data release in the new Industry scheme with 546 Industries based on the updated U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) Benchmark and Census of Agriculture.

The new Industry scheme obviously has some changes from the 536 Industry scheme. We only lost three Industries due to disaggregation. Notably, wholesale trade has been split into 10 different wholesale Industries. Insurance carriers is now split into direct life and all others. Real estate is now split into tenant-occupied and other real estate. Finally, at both the local and state levels, the non-education spending pattern will be split into hospitals and health services and other services. Details on the changes can be found in the article BEA Benchmark & The New 546 Industry Scheme.


Compare data across time (2001 - 2021) in IMPLAN, using the most up-to-date Industry Scheme!

When there are significant changes to the underlying data, there is no longer an apples-to-apples comparison. Therefore, you will not be able to compare data sets, Projects or Event Templates in the 536 Industry scheme (or another non-546 Industry scheme) with the new 546 Industry scheme. 

For comparing across different Industry Schemes, we have a bridge that should help in most instances. 

The 2021 data and the 546 Industry Scheme is the default on your Regions screen. The Regions screen will show you data from 2001-2021 in the 546 Industry Scheme. 

5IN 1.png


To find the older data years, navigate from your home screen to the Projects screen.  On the Projects screen, click the NEW PROJECT button in the upper right.


In the pop-up box, give your new Project a title and then in Industry Set, choose "US - 546 Sectors." Then ensure that your Household Set is "Set 1 - (2015 Datasets or later)."


Click CREATE PROJECT and you will be taken to your Regions screen to set up as always!




2018 Data Release Notes

BEA Benchmark & The New 546 Industry Scheme


Updated Aug 30, 2023