All IMPLAN Industries have a unique Leontief Production Function for each Region and Data Year. You may want to look in Region Details to see the details for a specific Industry and Region. You can also use this data to find or calculate any part of Output: Intermediate Inputs, Value Added, Labor Income, Employee Compensation, Proprietor Income, Taxes on Production and Imports Net of Subsidies (TOPI), and Other Property Income (OPI).



Using the data in IMPLAN to figure out the missing pieces of Output can be valuable if you are trying to find out what an Industry may spend on Intermediate Inputs or the percent that is going to TOPI, for example. First, head to Region Details to Customize Region.



Finding Intermediate Inputs

Let’s take a look at Industry 2 - Grain Farming at the U.S. level in 2018.


IMPLAN reports Output, Employee Compensation (EC), Proprietor Income (PI), Other Property Income (OPI), and Taxes on Production and Imports Net of Subsidies (TOPI) along the left side of the box. The column on the right reports these values per worker (/w).

We know the formula for Output:



And IMPLAN has shown us all but one of these values: Intermediate Inputs (II). So we can figure that out by solving for the one missing piece.

$67,702,408,597  = II + $3,606,890,353 + $6,841,169,324 + -$1,004,059,364 + $10,883,017,114

$67,702,408,597  = II + $20,327,017,426

II = $47,375,391,171


Finding Value Added

Value Added is simply the summation of EC + PI + TOPI + OPI.  Again using Industry 2 - Grain Farming, we can find Value Added (VA).


VA = $3,606,890,353 + $6,841,169,324 + -$1,004,059,364 + $10,883,017,114

VA  = $20,327,017,426


Finding Labor Income

Labor Income (LI) is simply the summation of EC + PI.  Again using Industry 2 - Grain Farming, we can find this value.




LI = $3,606,890,353 + $6,841,169,324 

LI  = $10,448,059,677



Output - Differences by Industry

Output, Value Added, & Double-Counting


Written January 13, 2020

Updated February 26, 2020