Other Taxes on Production Net of Subsidies (OTXS)

This definition only applies to the Canadian and International Data Sets

Other Taxes on Production consist of all taxes except taxes on products that enterprises incur as a result of engaging in production. Such taxes do not include any taxes on the profits or other income received by the enterprise and are payable regardless of the profitability of the production. They may be payable on the land, fixed assets or labour employed in the production process or on certain activities or transactions.1 

Other Taxes on Production Net of Subsidies (OTXS) is very similar to TOPI but excludes taxes on imports. OTXS is relevant to IMPLAN’s international data sets, which are priced using Basic Prices, in which taxes are classified taxes by the paying entity as opposed to the remitting entity. In Basic Prices, the taxes on imports are included in TOPS.


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