How to get gross absorption and margins after creating my own aggregated Industry schemes

 I could get Gross Absorption for each Industry under Balance sheet-Industry Balance sheet-Commodity Demand but I can't even click on the Balance sheet tab after creating my own aggregated industry schemes. Is there a way to get gross absorption and margins after creating my own aggregated Industry schemes? That would save me lots of works! Thank you!

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    This is odd, as you definitely should still be able to access those Balance Sheets within the Region Details while using a Custom Aggregation Scheme. Could you possible share a screenshot of the Regions page and the Region Details (where the Balance Sheet tab is not allowing you to click)? The Margins are only accessible when running a Commodity Output Event for a marginable Commodity.


    Michael Nealy

  • Hi Michael! 

      Yeah, it was odd. But it works today so I don't know what happened yesterday afternoon. But another problem pops up, once I get to the Impact page, I couldn't choose Industry Impact Analysis (Detailed) as the event type since it is gray. Also, the event-type Industry spending pattern and Institutional spending pattern are gray. I want to use Industry Impact Analysis (Detailed) to edit spending patterns. I did the same editing before for under 546 Unaggregated but I wonder if IMPLAN provides the same feature for my own aggregated Industry schemes.





  • Hi Xiaoyan!

    Happy to hear that you are now able to access these data points! Unfortunately, at this time there is no way to model Event Types that include an editable Spending Pattern with a Custom Aggregation Scheme. This includes Industry Spending Pattern Events, Institutional Spending Pattern Events, and Industry Impact Analysis Events. We are looking to add this feature in a future update, but there is not a hard date for that addition at this time. 

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Michael Nealy 


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