We've run numerous industry output events utilizing a capital spending pattern, and a single county as the geographic region. In a few cases, the county taxes are all $0, though all other indicators display reasonable results. Is this a leakage so to speak? It seems reasonable in that this county is very small/distressed, and probably had to seek procurement outside its county lines. We see a substantial amount of imports and commodity sales reported in direct leakages.

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    First, I would ask if you are using Industry Output Events or Commodity Output Events? There should not be any leakages from Imports or Institutional Commodity Sales in the case of an Industry Output Event that you noted you are using, so a little confused on this bit. Now onto the question regarding county level taxes; this is not that uncommon, from our support article on the generation/interpretation of the tax report in IMPLAN: 
    "The raw Annual Survey of State and Local Government Finances data is missing data for some state- or county-level taxes in some areas. In this data set (and in IMPLAN's tax impact reports), the county-level column is distinct from the sub-county columns, in that it is not a sum of the sub-county columns but rather a distinct type of taxes. So - a county can have sub-county types of taxes without having county-type taxes."

    If you would care to share the counties you are referencing in your initial question, I can take a look and see if that is what is happening here.


    Michael Nealy

  • Thank you very much! We are using Industry Output as the event. The only county this issue occurs is Trousdale, TN FIPS 47169


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