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I'm working on updating an analysis that I did a few years ago. It was a 440 industry but the model is now a 536. That's not an issue. I can allocate easily enough. What is bothering me is that when I look at the institutional spending patterns for households the total of the vent values is 83 percent while when I import a new household the event value total is 100 percent. I'm wondering if I'm not remembering something correctly. Do I see 83 percent because I imported an adjusted spending pattern or was there some default assumption in the model before with where some of the money went. It seems like you use to need to normalize the spending pattern to bring it to 100 percent before. Now it defaults to that. Thanks in advance! Dale
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  • Thank you very much for your forum post.

    When you import a specific Institution Spending Pattern's Household Income Category, the Sum of Event Value should be 1.00. It sounds as if the Spending Pattern you are looking at was adjusted, to reflect a .83 Sum of Event Value. Did you get the .83 Event Value upon importing in the Spending Pattern or was it a previous Model that someone else constructed?

    If you could provide us with the data year and geography and the Household Income Category, I can test to see the Sum of Event Value. Or if you could supply us with your Model, we can take a further look into this for you. You can attached your model to an email and send to:


    Thank you,

    IMPLAN Staff


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