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    Thanks so much for your forum post.

    You are correct in excluding the FF&E costs from your construction cost! The IMPLAN construction sectors do not include FF&E's or capital expenditures. When modeling a construction impact, your input value should be just what it takes to build the building.

    If you know that those FF&E's were purchased from a local Wholesaler, you can impact the Wholesale Sector. However adjusting LPP to SAM indicates that not all of the FF&E's are purchased from local Wholesalers. Setting this to SAM allows the Software to decide the amount purchased from the local Wholesaler. If you left LPP at 100%, this would mean that 100% of the FF&E purchases where from local Wholesalers.

    If you know the specific FF&E's, you can impact the producing sector of that specific FF&E product (furniture manufacturer, refrigerator manufacturer). If you would like additional information regarding this topic, please let me know.


    Thank you,

    IMPLAN Staff

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