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I'm working with IMPLAN3 running under Windows Server 2003 Standard. This was working a few days ago, but now when I launch IMPLAN I get the error ""JIT debugging failed with the following error 0x800405a6". I assume I could install a debugger to find out more, but first I'm wondering if there are any standard troubleshooting steps I could take to try to fix. Thanks for any pointers.


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  • Hello,

    Thank you for your post. 

    This error may have occurred because this is a non-standard version of the software that may have been provided in a special case scenario. 

    We recommend reinstallation of the software with our latest IMPLAN Pro update - IMPLAN Pro Software download. If you have any further issues or questions, please give us a call on 800-507-9426. 


    IMPLAN Staff




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