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Hello, I am wondering if there is a more streamlined approach to something that I am doing. Essentially, I am running a large number of models (100+ regions) for a project. I have cut down the time consuming aspects where I can, but I am not sure there is a way to do this. One of the activities that I am setting up is an analysis by parts for every one of these regions. I know there is an activity template in excel for industry spending patterns that I can modify, and that would be ideal. However, for what I am doing I would need the LPP values from the original spending pattern in each region as I cannot estimate these myself. Rather than trying to adjust and zero out coefficients in the industry spending pattern within the software, I have moved to exporting to excel, making bulk adjustments there (to the coefficients while leaving the LPP values alone) and importing back into IMPLAN (I am using IMPLAN Pro). However, I still have to open up each region, import the spending pattern, export the spending pattern to excel, and then import back into the software when I am ready to run my analysis. Is there a better more streamlined way to run this?
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  • Thank you for your forum post,

    If you are adjusting the spending pattern so that the coefficients are the same in every region, then you could save one adjusted version of the excel template and upload that version to each region. For each upload, you would then adjust the LPP by selecting Event Options > Change All > Local Purchase Percentage > Set to SAM Model Value. This applies the same LPP that the regional spending pattern would use.



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