I wanted to find out how to account for contract employees used during the operation of a power facility (in addition to the full time staff). Currently there is no estimate for the number of these contract employees and the project only has only a general estimate of their total income ($25,000 - $250,000).
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  • You need to model the contract employees separately. If it is a case where the wages include benefits, then you can use sector 5001 and set the level to the total employee compensation and run the analysis. The model will take the value and pass it through the household consumption pattern and spend it in your region. This will give an esimate of the impact of households spending money at the grocery store etc. If there are no benefits, you can choose a household income category like households 35-50 or 50-75 and do the same steps as above. The employment indicated from the Implan report will only be that of the workers selling to the households you will need to add the original employment back manually. I will post a tutorial shortly.

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