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Good morning IMPLAN folk, I am working on a study of tourism impacts on Doulgas County, Nebraska. It’s a study that was done several years ago and they wanted to update. As it has been a couple of years, we purchased a new data set to do the analysis. Most of the impacts have come through as expected - or with expected changes. But the two I cannot explain are property taxes and the indirect business taxes - both other taxes and S/L nontaxes. As an example, with LESS spending in the overal tourism impact in 2010 vs. the previous study (2007), property taxes for Douglas County are $50.4 million. In the previous study, property taxes were $26.6 million??!! A significant difference which is driving higher tax collections vs. lower tourism spending… Is there a way I can follow a calcuation from inputting industry data and get to a property tax calculation. Or is there a way to see the underlying assumptions that get to property taxes (and the other taxes). I do have the explanations of the tax categories that you guys always recommend referencing. But I am trying to diagnose why this is happening/what industry might be creating the higher tax numbers to be able to explain it to the client. So any light you could shed on how I can look at the study data and back out these tax streams or other answers as to why I would see differences in something like property taxes from the same geography but different data sets would be appreciated. Thanks for your help! Chris
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  • Taxes are distributed by creating ratios from the regional SAM Explore>Social Accounts>Export>IxC Social Accounting Matrix (tab)>Export>Industry Detail SAM File>Industry Detail,Row Detail. I can think of two things: 1) Were the direct tax impact effects calculated last time (keeping the indirect and induced effects as reported)? 2) Do you have the first version of 2009 data? The data files were re-released in December 2010 (we sent an e-mail to all recipients, but a number were purchasing dept e-mails and weren't forwarded). If you don't know, you can re-download your data order. If you don't have the order info, you will need to call into the office to have them look you up.

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