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A few questions: 1. What sector would i use for non residential building improvements? (this is a manufacturer) 2. What sector would i use for the addition of equipment? (again this is a manufacturer) 3. Where would i put these numbers in the Implan model? I have selected an activity and have an event. Where would these numbers go in the new event? Industry sales? Proprieter Income? Please help! Stephanie
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  • Hi Stephanie, 1. If by "improvements" you mean remodeling or expansion, this implies all new materials and is an investment, so you will want to use one of the new residential construction sectors (sector 37 or 38, depending on the type of residential structure). If by "improvements" you mean repairing and maintaining an existing structure so that it operates as before, you will want to use sector 40. 2. Split the equipment purchase values amongst the appropriate equipment manufacturing sectors. You can use IMPLAN's Sector Search function to help: go to [i]Help>Sector Search [/i] and type in keywords. Set LPP for these purchases to the SAM Model Value unless you know they were purchased from local manufacturers (in which case you would set the LPP to 1.00). For any equipment that was purchased through a dealer (i.e., a wholesaler), apply margins to the purchase, then edit the margins so that the Retail margin is 0. If it is a local wholesaler, edit the margins so that the LPP for Wholesale = 1.00. This tells the software that the item was [i]purchased [/i]locally but may not have been manufactured locally. 3. This depends on the data you have available to you - the software will fill in any information you don't have, based on industry averages for your region. You can override these value (i.e., customize the impact to contain all the data you have). The glossary on our website under the Suppport menu is a very useful resource for defining the various data components.
  • Hi, thank you for you answers. Where would i put the building improvements number? For example there is 3 million dollars worth of improvements being done to a company. Where would would i put the 3 million dollars? Under Industry Sales? Thank you, Stephanie
  • Ok here is my project, can you please break it down step by step for me on how to accomplish this? 1. Retaining 55 Employees 2. hiring 11 employees in 2011 3. hiring 5 in 2012 4. hiring 9 in 2013 5. Investing $3mil into building improvements 6. Investing $2mil into equipment/machinery I would like to run an impact analysis on each of these and then a total impact. Thank you, Stephanie
  • Assuming the $3 million includes profits and taxes (not just the payroll and non-payroll expenditures), then using an Industry Change activity type is fine and the $3 million should be entered as Industry Sales. The $2 million in equipment purchases should also be entered as Industry Sales. It’s labor income, not employment, that drives the induced effects so in terms of the IMPLAN analysis, it doesn’t really matter which year the employment occurs in – the labor income associated with your Industry Sales figure will generate the appropriate induced effects. You may find our quick start guides (click [url=]here[/url]) and our tutorials and case studies (click [url=]here[/url]) helpful.

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