Significant change in multipliers


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    Hi Susan, Based on the multipliers reports for Maryland, I actually see a slight decrease in most retail and entertainment multipliers between 2008 and 2009. The multiplier reports can be found untder Explore > Multipliers. Note that the default view is for Output multipliers - to see Employment multipliers, click on the "View By: " drop-down menu and select Employment. If you are calculating your own multipliers (either jobs per million or total jobs per direct job), the differences may be stemming from a change in the way the analysis was set up. For example, for retail, if you are entering a revenue or sales value into the Industry Sales field you want to be sure to specify that they are "Gross Retail Sales" (the default) rather than "Gross Retail Margin". Other things to pay attention to are the Event Year, Local Purchase Percentage, and Dollar Year for View (the last of these is in the Scenario Results screen). A helpful clue would be to look at the direct impacts - did they change?
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