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I was playing around with a model scenario using the MRIO feature in version 3. Specifically, I wanted to run an impact scenario that contained an industry that didn't exist in my primary model but does exist in the linked model region. My hope was that I would be able to capture the stimulated demand for the product from the linked region, even though it is not available in the primary model region. What happened, however, is that I get an error stating "Failed to enable constraints. One or more rows contain values containing non-null, unique, or foreign key constraints." Clearly, IMPLAN is not able to run this model. Is there a way to edit the activities for this model to eliminate the industry as an event? Each time I reopen the model and click "Setup Activities" to delete the event, I get the above error. It's as if I've corrupted the model; is my only option to recreate this model?
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  • The trade flows for teh MRIO are only applied to the backward links. For example, I change jobs for Wood, Windows and Doors in Washington County and have linked to the rest of MN. When Wood, Windows and Doors demands more flat glass, some might come from the rest of MN which causes an impact on the rest of MN. Now, suppose I create an event of Flat Glass as a direct effect on Washington county, and tell the software that the LPP = Trade Flows rather than 100% local. You might expect that some of this direct effect would come from rest of MN based on the trade flow data - but no, only the direct effect for Washington County produced flat glass would be applied to the multipliers. I like the idea of applying the direct effects to linked models as well based on the trade flows; however, I will run the idea past the software people to see how hard that would be to implement. As far as the error message, try to rebuild the region. Normally I would tell you to import the impact vector from the old model, but I suspect that is what is causing your error. If it still causes problems, zip up the model and send it to support@implan.com and note that it is to be directed to Doug.

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