If final demand is the value of goods & services produced and sold to final users (institutions) during the calendar year how do I interpret demand by federal, state and local governments. Is it equivalent to purchases made by those entities, or does it reflect taxes paid to those entities? If it is not taxes paid where else might I look for those? The industry I am looking at is 376 - scientific research and development.
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  • Go to Explore > Social Accounts > IxC Accounting Matrix tab and select Export > Industry Detail SAM Files. If you don't know how to insert a pivot table). Once you've got your pivot table, you can scroll over to sector 376, then scroll down to institution 8001, which is Indirect Business Tax (IBT). This is the amount of taxes sector 376 paid during that data year (in millions) and is specific to that industry and your region. However, the break-down of that IBT into Federal vs. State/Local taxes and into each type of tax (sales vs. property, etc) is an all-sector average for your study area. In other words, we have data on the total amount of taxes paid by each industry but we don't have data on what types of taxes they are (other than the all-industry average for your region).

  • Thanks Jenny! However I still am uncertain how to interpret demand by governments. Is it equivalent to purchases made by those entities?
  • That is correct. These purchases will also be in your detailed IxC SAM as institutions 11001 - 14002 making payments to the commodity rows. 


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