Trouble Downloading Multipliers

Hi: I have a new laptop and was attempting to download the detailed multiplier arrays (CSV) file. Unfortunately it is corrupted when I upload it to Excel. Many of the rows are off-center ...probably 50 out of 440 making the file practically useless. I ran across this problem before on another computer but do not remember how it was resolved. It does not occur on my other computers. Can you assist me? Thanks Steve
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  • I can make a quick guess. First I had to rename the .csv file to .txt because Excel 2010 would autmatically import the csv file without going through the import routine. After renaming, open Excel, choose open file and browse to the file (choose "text files" in drop box of window in order to see the file) and click open. In the import wizard, choose "Delimited" then click Next. In step 2 of 3, click comma and Text qualifier " - this is the key, without the quote text qualifier, Excel sees the commas in the the description as column breaks. Why Excel would have different defaults in different installations is beyond me. If this doesn't do it, send the broken implan text file and the resulting bad Excel file to so I can check for a pattern.
  • Hi: One other quick question. I was talking to one of your consultants this morning and I may have some corrupted structural matrices for the earlier year data series. For older data series will your V2 structural matrices (download) section work for V3; if not where can I find the V3 versions of the older data series? Thanks so much! Steve
  • 1996-2006 V3 structural matrices are on this page: V2 strucutral matrices will not work with V3. If you need 2007 will have to have it loaded onto the download page.

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