One of my clients is interested in the impacts created through their purchase of 1000 motel nights per year @$110 per night. A visitor spending survey in a nearby town showed that an average of $28 for dining, $24 for shopping and $27 for recreation was spent per person per day. I am assuming that there are 1000 people. Total spending for each day (including the room) is $189. How best to set this up?
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  • I like your assumption of 1,000 visitors, as this a conservative assumption about the # of people per hotel room. Since there is no "tourism" sector, you will need to run each of these expenditure categories as its own Event within a single Industry Change Activity. You will want to set the Event Values to the per-person expenditures and set the Activity Level to 1,000; this way, you can re-run the analysis in for different visitor numbers by simply changing the Activity Level. Lodging and dining are pretty straighforward (IMPLAN sectors 411 and 413, respectively). Please see the documents attached to this forum discussion for some help choosing sectors for the shopping expenditures: For any of the shopping categories, you will want to use the retail sectors, being sure to select the default option of "Gross Retail Sales" when prompted; this ensures that margins are applied. Choosing the sectors for recreation will be a bit tougher and will depend on what is available in your study area. Possibilities include sectors 402-403 and 406-410. The simplest option would be to aggregate the model to 2-digit NAICS (see here for instructions: but this would also introduce aggregation bias (see here:

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