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Hi, I am estimating the economic contribution of small businesses (with less than 20 employees) on Hampden Conty MA using the county plus model. I have an estimate from the CBP data for paid employees by sector. I am haveing diffuculty estimating proprietor employment in small businesses by sector. How do you estimate proprietor employment by sector? I see "The REA data series also provides information on self-employment and proprietary income. The major drawback to these data is that they are only available at the 3-digit NAICS level for state and county income, and the 3-digit and 2-digit level for state and county employment. These data are used to provide control totals to the CEW wage and salary data, and to provide a means to estimate proprietor employment.." Is there more info on this procedure? And is there any way to estimate proprietor employment by firm size? Mark
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  • Hi Mark, The BEA's REA data sets provide information on Total Employment (SA25 and CA25 tables) and Wage and Salary Employment (SA27 table). Proprietor Employment is basically the difference between the two. However, the REA Wage and Salary Employment data are only available at the state level, so we have to distribute state proprietor values to the counties based on other data. Also, the REA data are in a more aggregate sectoring scheme, so we use CEW data to distribute the values amongst to the IMPLAN sectors that make up a particular REA sector. The links found on this webpage may help: Unfortunately, we do not have estimates of proprietors by employment class size.

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