Adding sectors in IMPLAN database through ACCESS

I am trying to add sectors to the IMPLAN version 3 data base. I did this routinely with version 2, and shooting to do the same in version 3. I know there is something in the following procedure that I am missing. When I attempt to construct the multipliers, I get a divide by 0 error. I added both industry and commodity additions to the following tables. TypeCodesCommodityCodes TypeCodesAll TypeCodesIndustyCodes NationalAbsorptionTable NationalAbsorptionTotals NatinoalByproductsTable StudayAreaCommoditySales StudyAreaEmployment StudyAreaFinalDemand StudyAreaIndustryData StudyAreaOutput StudyAreaValueAdded StudyAreaForeignExports CommonRPCFixed CommonRPCMethods There is also a restriction on industry codes in Query IxIIndustryOuputOutlaySummary that I have modified (IndustryCode<516). The model constructs, but then when I go to set up activities and plug in an industry sales effect on one of my newly created sectors, it says Employment is Infinity and under Employee Compensation, there is a NaN. If I proceed to Analyze Scenarios and attempt to run the impact, I get an error message of Division by zero. Exploring the database in Access I see that the multipliers for the added sectors did actually compute. They can be seen in RegionalMultipliersInduced Type1. I can also view the multipliers from Explore-- Multipliers --Summary Multipliers, but the software will not compute impacts. There is a table (CommonTradeFlow ) I did not modify in the database that I am unfamilure with. If this could be the source of the problem, what data should go in this table? More generally, what am I missing?
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  • Hello Jerry, Please send your model to so we can take a look. Thank you.
  • Here are some first thoughts on it. We had a training class last week Tuesday - Thursday so there was not a lot of time to look at it. The Gross inputs sum to 1.0. The sum of NationalAbsorptionCoeficients is 1.008 for industry 510. The NationalAbsorptionTotals is not quite right for most/all industries and is really different for 510. When you look at balance sheet or edit Industry Production, all sectors' Total Absorption Value sums to 1.0000001 (VA = -0.0000001) - even though most sum to <1 in NationalAbsorptionCoeficients. The RegionalAbsorptionCoeficients also sum to 1.000001, so it is not just the reports. Sector 561 Bait Ship has compensation but no employment. There is no direct Employee Compensation or Proprietor Income in the multiplier reports. Setting Number of industries/commodities to 570 in the StudyAreaGeneralInformation generates a division by 0 when creating social accounts. It would be good to fill in 441 to 570 with at least dummy sectors that don't exist in their impdb file. Also commondeflators only goes to sector 440 and 3440, which will likely cause impacts to puke when trying to deflate to 2010. We will look at it more today.
  • The number of industries and commodities in the StudyAreaGeneralInformation table is still set to 440. Needs to be 570.
  • The Trade Method needs to be set to Econometric RPC not Trade Model. This is done in User Preferences. Try making those changes and let us know if it helped.

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