Deleted the import NAICS 2 and 3 digits

Hi I have one question regarding aggregation in IMPLAN. I deleted the NAICS 2 and 3 digits from my aggregation library unintendedly. Now I want to use that NAICS 2 and 3 digits again but unfortunately I cannot recover them to my library again. What should I do to recover them to my library so that I could just click import from my Library when I want to aggregate according to NAICS 2 and 3 digits? Sincerely, Gimel Israel
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  • Hello Gimel, In order to get the 2-digit aggregation scheme back, you will need to download the structural matrices for the data year you are modeling. After the download is complete, save the file onto the appliance in the Implan System Data folder on the root of your Implan3 Appliance. Unless you have custom aggregation schemes exported to the library, you can use the copy and replace function when you move the matrices over. If there are custom aggregations that you need to maintain that are stored in your old matrix (from which you deleted the 2 and 3 digit NAICS), you will want to rename the old matrix NOT overwrite it. Once you have done this you will need to rebuild the model, because the structural matrix is incorporated during the model building process. This means, unfortunately, that there is no way to get a currently built model to ‘see’ the new matrix. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.
  • Where can I download that structural matrix? Then where I should save that structural matrix. Could you explain it again in more detail steps?
  • Please download the structural matrices for the year of your data [url=]here[/url], in our downloads section of the website.When you do this, you'll want to save the file onto the appliance in the Implan System Data folder on the root of your Implan3 Appliance. Alternatively, there is another possible solution if you have other models, already aggregated with the 2-digit and 3-digit NAICS scheme for the same data year. If you do, you can open up a model that is aggregated with the 2-digit or the 3 digit NAICS schemes and open the Aggregation builder screen. You should have the NAICS scheme saved on the upper left-hand side of the builder. On the upper right-hand side you will have the blank library, but the Export button should be active. Click the Export button and name the scheme to the appropriate aggregation (if you are unsure which scheme is represented in the aggregated model, you can verify by looking at the upper left-hand portion of the IMPLAN software screen to where the model name is listed, this field should also indicate how the model is aggregated). This method will restore the schemes as well.
  • Thanks, I tried the first alternative and it works well. Since now I used the newest Implan structural matrix, I get even more than before, some new schemes of aggregation. Cool!!! Thanks again. Best, Gimel Israel

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