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    Hi Judie, We get our Proprietor Employment and Income data from the BEA’s REA data series, and as you can see from looking at the Explore> Study Area> Industry Detail data 175 and 284-293 the loss of Proprietor Income across all industries that report under the NAICS codes in this Sector is significant enough to create a net negative Labor Income value for these Sectors. This simply means that these particular Sectors include privately owned businesses that lost money in 2011 (Proprietor Income includes the proprietor’s labor income as well as profit, and profit can be negative in any given year). While we can't say specifically why there was a drastic change in income reported by proprietors in 2011, it does reflect what the raw data shows. Since you have data from previous years, you can customize the Event to reflect those data (i.e., average EC per Output, average PI per Output), otherwise, we would be happy to get a 3-year average for you, though I suspect the same issue may be present in past years as well.
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