National Trade Flows folder not found

I just installed a new Implan 3 appliance and ran the setup.exe program. It also downloaded an update as soon as it started up. That all seemed fine, so I created a new model using the trade flows option. The software gives a message saying it can not find the Implan Trade Flows folder on any drive. That folder is present on the appliance, with several subfolders that appear to hold trade flow data for several year including 2011, which matches the other Implan data on the appliance.
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  • Hello Bill, We apologize for the error the software is giving you. Please call 651-439-4421 line 2 at your convenience. We would like to troubleshoot this issue by having you install the the web application where we can see the issue. Please refer to your forum post#:15766 upon calling.
  • I'm having the same problem - no national trade flow folder. Can I call the number you gave Bill?
  • Hi Nancy, This notification is correct if you are building with ZIP Codes, Congressional Districts or the U.S. Total file as the trade flows do not exist for these regions and require the model to use the Econometric RPC/Supply Demand Pooling(U.S. Total) to build. If you are working with a county or a state file, please call that same number and refer to post #15846.
  • I when trying to download my county level data I received the error "Could not find a part of the path 'F:\Implan National Trade Flows\2011\CO\'." How do I fix this? I appreciate your help.
  • Hi, We apologize for the inconvenience of your data order not downloading properly. Please call 651-439-4421 to speak with a support representative and have your order number handy. We prefer to use the web application to assist in troubleshooting and providing you your data.

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