IMPLAN unexpectedly shuts down

I'm trying to model a household income change activity. [b]Sector Household Income Change Event Year GDP Deflator Local Purchase Percentage[/b]10006 Households 50-75k $0.00 2013 1.062 100.00% However, each time I try to change the LPP to SAM model value, IMPLAN shuts down immediately. Can you advise on what's going on? Thanks, Tepa
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  • Hello Tepa, We apologize this took so long to respond. We have most of our Economist team involved in our IMPLAN training through tomorrow. Since Households are not Industries there is no SAM Model value. This is why the option is grayed out in Edit Event Properties. In most cases, when you enter a household income change, you leave LPP at 100% since the income originates from households that reside within your region. IMPLAN will automatically adjust for local purchases when it applies the income to the household’s spending pattern. When the household purchases a particular commodity from a particular industry, IMPLAN will use the industry RPC to determine what percent of that purchase is local and what percent is leaked outside the model. As an analyst, you don't have to account for any of this because the model does it for you. We hope that helps with your analysis question. As for the technical glitch, we're not sure why the SAM Model Value option is not grayed out in the Change All menu, since it should be. Instead of generating an error message, the option should simply not be available. We will work on fixing the issue. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

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