Direct Effects not Zero for Ind. Spend Pattern

The subject is pretty much the whole story. I've been doing my research this morning, and I'm convinced I'm doing everything right. I defined coefficients and defined an activity level around 85,000,000, just like is done in your example in your reference guide. Your example has directs of zero, mine has non-zero values in all the industries in my activity plus a few related industries. For example, I included 3090 in an activity and got a small direct output effect in 3090 and 3088.
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  • Hello Paul, There are a couple of possibilities that we can think of. [ol] [li]Your software is not up-to-date: Older versions of the software did include the first round of Indirect Effects as Direct. If your Help> About menu shows a version earlier than (current is 3.1.1001.12) this is probably the cause.[/li] [li]If that is not the case there may be something else going on like a different Activity definition. If you are working with a current version of the software could you please attach an exported copy of you Activity to a post?[/li] [/ol] Thank you for your question and we hope to help you to resolve this soon.

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