2011 Structural Matrices

Every time I try to build a new model I get the following error message: [i][/i]"Unrecognized database format 'E:\Implan System Data\ImplanStructuralMatrices2011.mbd'. The model will be closed" I have tried updating IMPLAN and redownloading the structural matrices. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  • Hi Jennifer, It sounds like the structural matrix may either be getting placed in the wrong folder, or there may be an issue with it not completely downloading properly. Sometimes in the latter case, you will find that something downloaded but the KB signature is very small in comparison to other structural matrices. The easiest way for us to help is to have you give us a call at 651.439.4421 at a time that it is convenient for you to be at your computer and we can then do a logmein session with you to take a look at what is going on. Sorry that you are having this issue. --Implan Support Staff

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