ASA Gold National Softball Tournament


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    Hi Felicia, While we are glad to help with some of these, there are a few descriptions that you may need to use your personal knowledge on in order to determine which Sector you want to use. The great thing about doing this is that IMPLAN has a fantastic tool where you can look up potential Sectors based on key words. You can access this feature through the Help> Sector Search menu item. The Sector search can also be sorted by clicking the Industry Code column. This can be used two ways to organize Sectors that your search pulled up, or you can then scroll down through the industry codes until you find the codes you are interested in examining. The associated NAICS descriptions will show you the types of Activities that will report into each category. [ul] [li]Admission/Entry Fee if these are ticket sales 403 would probably be a good Sector choice. We would recommend seeing if you think 404 would be appropriate if these are team entry fees. [/li] [li] Food & Bev (restaurants, concessions)413 [/li] [li]Food & Bev (grocery, liquor)324 [/li] [li] Lounges & Bars(cover charges, drinks)413 [/li] [li] Other amusement and recreation likely this 410 but we would recommend exploring the items included in this Sector and in the range of 402-410 to be sure you don't want to distribute your value to any of these other Sectors. [/li] [li] Retail Shopping(clothing souvenirs, gifts)Retail Sectors are 320-331. You can choose whichever store (s) seem most appropriate to you. When prompted you will want to choose the Gross Retail Sales option. [/li] [li] Lodging Expenses(hotel, motel)411 [/li] [li] Private Auto Exchange (gas, oil, repairs, parking fees)This also falls into a couple of Sectors, so you will need to decide how you want to model. Gas stations are 326, repairs 414, car washes 415, parking fees might just be profits if they are to private sector users, but if there is parking lot maintenance and repair involved that falls into Sector 422. [/li] [li] Rental Car Expenses 362 [/li] [li] Any other Expenses: There really is no 'other Sector' in IMPLAN. You can try to make a guess as to a general category that you think the would apply, treat them as retail sales to like a big box retailer (329) or see if you can match them to a PCE spending pattern breakdown. The PCE spending patterns are found at Activity Options> Import> From Another Model. Direct the file structure back to the IMPLAN User Data folder and then select Utilities and the PCE_Patterns_for_NIPACategory_MIG_Lib440.impdb[/li] [/ul] Hopefully this will get you started and you can use the Help>Sector Search to assist you in assigning some of these other categories. --Implan Support Staff
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