Tax on Production and Imports


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    Hi Joseph, We are terribly sorry about the length for response time on this. Prior to 2011, we had been treating rents and royalties as a part of TOP (formerly IBT) payments to the Federal Government NonTax category, in line with the information in the attached document. However, in the 2011 data, we incorporated rents and royalties into the Business transfer data based on a conflicting document that stated that onshore and mineral leases and royalties should be treated as business transfers. Unfortunately, with additional research that was only partly true, and we have since reversed that change and will include rents and royalties as part of the Federal Government NonTax category in the 2012 IMPLAN data and beyond. If you would like an estimation for this value in 2011, we would recommend using some ratio from the 2010 data – please let us know if you would like assistance with this. [attachment=461]rentsandroyalties.docx[/attachment] Please let us know if you have any additional questions.
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