Leasehold Improvements Capital Expenditure


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    Hi Joseph. Since leasehold basically deals with an interest in real property from a rental standpoint and the renter having the right to occupy or use the land or property for a certain period of time, it would seem that Sector 360 would be a logical choice. This is not to say that this is the only choice but it seems to fit with the intent of a leasehold agreement. If previous posts suggested that an industry change with the value to the capital expenditure as industry sales is an appropriate method to simulate the impact, we would see no reason to suggest otherwise. However, we would point out that in the Utilities Folder of the software are BEA Investment Spending Patterns that can be used when dealing with large scale capital investment projects. You might want to look at them to see if an Investment Spending Pattern might be more appropriate for what you are doing. This is just an option. You view these Investment Patterns by navigating to Setup Activities>Activity Options>Import>From Another Model>MIG>IMPLAN>Utilities in the software. We hope this helps.
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