516 Industry Codes


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    IMPLAN Support
    Hello Erin, Unfortunately we have never produced a 516 Sector Model. However since the Model can be edited, we are suspecting that it may be that someone who had previously worked with your firm had taken external data and made splits from some of the aggregated 509 Sectors, as this is not an uncommon practice when people have the data to split a IMPLAN Sector into more descriptive Sectors. Our best suggestion would thus be to see if you can find any documentation from the first Model's setup to see if you determine what data sets were used by the analyst at that time to create a 516 Sector SAM so that you could find comparable current data sets with which to make these splits now. We apologize that we don't have any further thoughts to offer in regards to the Sector splits you have in your Model. However, if you need assistance with bridging from your Model to the current one or if you need assistance splitting Sectors in the Study Area Data please let us know and we will be glad to help with this.
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