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    Hi Michael. In reading your Forum Post, we want to just clarify a few things. First, Output in IMPLAN is defined as the sum of Intermediate Expenditures (IE) or inputs plus Value Added (which consist of Employee Compensation, Proprietor Income, Other Property Type Income, and Taxes on Production and Imports). IE represents purchases of goods and services—such as energy, materials, and purchased services—that are used for the production of other goods and services rather than for final consumption. When you say economic output, if you mean how much did the local economy expand, then Value Added (VA), which is the difference between Output and IE, could be a measure to use for this purpose. IMPLAN Data contains a number of different elements all of which are derived from multiple federal sources of data collection. In terms of how IMPLAN estimates IE, that is a complex and detail process which we would have to address in a follow up Post to you.
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