Impact of New Construction at a Public University


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    Hi Khalid, Thank you for your post! We would recommend using Sector 34 to model your construction impact; as sector 34 is for educational buildings. For F&F, you will need to model these expenditures separately using the appropriate IMPLAN Sector. If you use this approach, you create one Activity with an Event for the building construction cost (Sector 34) and one Event for each item in the F&F category. An alternative approach would be to use an Industry Spending Pattern for Sector 34, which Includes furniture and fixtures that are integral to the building. With this approach, you will want to edit the spending pattern to remove all expenses for F&F since these expenditures will be model separately using an Industry Change Activity. Once you have edited the spending pattern you will want to normalize it to a value of 1. This says that all of the value (building/structure costs) you enter into the spending pattern will be spent. You will enter your construction value in the Spending Pattern by navigating to Setup Activities>Edit Activities>Activity Level and enter the amount of construction cost. You need to run a Labor Income Change Activity with your known EC and PI figures as the Event values to get the induced effects. You can use Sector 34 and the building cost to estimate the "Employee Compensation” and Proprietor income (PI) for your project as follows a) Create "New Activity" and select "labor Income Change" and name the activity b) Create "Event" and select "Employee Compensation" c) Enter the Event Value for Employee Compensation from Sector 34 Traditional Method . d) Repeat steps a through c for the PI component of your project. d) Select the activity and run the model. To get the total results, you should sum the results from the Spending Patterns, Labor Income Change, and the Industry Change for F&F to get the total impact results for your project. Thanks!
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