Understanding employer and worker paid taxes


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    Thank you for your post. Could you provide us a little bit more information about what you are trying to do? As you may have been able to see there is no way to adjust the tax rates in the SAM. When modeling with a Labor Income Change, the Model removes payroll taxes, income taxes and savings from each Household according to its appropriate SAM rates. Since taxes are not re-spent in the Model (i.e. the tax rate is counted towards the Total Value Added but is not included in any rounds of the effects) there is no way to adjust this value relative to the Events. Are you trying to change the total value of income expenditures towards purchases? Are you trying to change the value of taxes going to governments? Are you trying to change the ratios of Value Added elements? We apologize to ask questions in return, but we want to be sure that we provide an answer that will address your specific needs and concerns.
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