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Dear IMPLAN moderator, I am working on the 26 CGE files of the 2012 USA SAM and I found there are two values in the 5x3 table. The first is 89617.0784, which I assume indicates the import values of employee compensation from foreign trade. The second number is -5126.9513, which I assume indicates the payment for other type property income received from foreign trade. Since the value is negative, then it actually means payment that send to foreign trade. Is my understanding above regarding these numbers correct? In addition, I would like to know what kind of labors are counted here who receive payment from foreign trade? For example, does this include all emigrant workers? Thank you very much for your clarification. Regards, ZC
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  • You are correct on the interpretations of the first two values. Payment by Emp Comp to Foreign trade is to buy temporary/commuting foreign labor. This would not include long term work visas. It corresponds to the value in NIPA table 6.2D: line 97 but also includes SAM balances required to make the Emp Compensation column sum to the Emp Compensation row.

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