Modeling construction of a gas transmission line

Would the NREL JEDI worksheet help in determining construction sectors and inputs for economic impact analysis of a gas transmission line? The worksheet looks to be specific to electrical lines. If the JEDI worksheet is not available, is there is a list of construction sectors to include in the aggregation? Thanks for your help as I work to frame the project.
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  • Hi Nancy, Thank you for your post! I have attached the Excel worksheet that breaks out the construction sectors with the new 2013 sectoring scheme. If this is not what you are looking for, please let us know! Thanks. [attachment=579]Construction_Sector_Descriptions_536.xls[/attachment]
  • Thanks! Are there sector coefficients I can use when using the industry spending pattern (ABP) approach?
  • Hi Nancy, When you say Sector Coefficients; I believe you are asking about the spending patterns and you can import the spending patterns for Analysis-by-Parts. If this is not what you intended by Sector Coefficients,please let me know. These spending patterns should sum to less than one since they are only the Intermediate Expenditure proportion. You can then adjust the coefficients with data that you have. If you have your own income projections, if so then you would not need ours. If you do not have them then you can can go: Explore> Social Accounts> Balance Sheet (Tab), and select View By: Industry Balance Sheet and the Value Added tab to create ratios and values. Thanks!

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