2012 Carson City NV Commercial Fishing


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    The Bureau of Labor Statistics QCEW database shows, for 2012, 14 Commercial Fishing establishments in Nevada. The employment levels of all of these are not disclosed. Our other sources that we use to fill in gaps in QCEW due to non-disclosures do not cover commercial fishing. Accordingly, we are left with few sources to estimate total employment. Carson City had, on average during 2012, less than 1 establishment, but that still counts for something. So, we attribute employees to that fractional establishment and attribute proprietor(s) to it. Recall that employment is the sum of wage & salary employment as well as proprietor employment. So, some of the raw data show that there have been commercial fishing establishments there. Given the relative scarcity of data from which IMPLAN has to estimate Carson City, Nevada Commercial Fishing employment, we recommend [url=http://implan.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=545:545&catid=235:KB18]customizing the Study Area Data[/url] if you have better information about employment levels in that industry.
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