Canadian IMPLAN Data and University Impacts


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    Hi Patrick, Thank you for your post! The Canadian data sets have a completely different Sectoring scheme than the U.S. so while they still have the functionality you are used to, the Sector that use will be different. The Canadian data set actually includes a Sector 97, which is a Sector for Public University systems. Since you can Model public universities in exactly the same way that you look at a standard Industry Sector in the Canadian data, you don't need to worry about setting the RPC values to SAM Model Value, as this will naturally occur for the first round, and subsequent rounds, of impacts. You can view this data in the Canadian Model by going to the Explore> Social Accounts> Balance Sheet (Tab), and select View By: Industry Balance Sheet and the Commodity Demand tab. This location also allows you to see the breakdown of Value Added factors by viewing the Value Added tab. If you have actual data by which you want to modify Sector 97, you can import it and modify the first round expenditures and their local purchasing rates, but you only need to do this if you have special values. There are fewer Sectors in the Canadian data (103) then in the IMPLAN U.S. data. Please let us know if you have any additional questions, Thanks!
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