accuracy of IMPLAN data

Hello All, Can someone help me to find current studies (published in a refereed journal) examined the accuracy of IMPLAN data by comparing it with primary data sets from state governments etc.. any help would be appreciated Thank you Hakan Uslu
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  • Hi. Thank you for your post. I was able to locate a study: I do hope this is helpful. Due to inconsistencies in state reporting, we use federally reported data, even though much of federal data is collected at the state level. We definitely have a lot of people examining our data with a close lens – which does means that at times mistakes have been discovered, but our data does undergo a lot of scrutiny and for the very most part has been proven to be quite good. In addition, when mistakes are found, corrections are made and the data is re-released. A few other points to keep in mind are: 1) many of our data sources are lagged a year so we have to project them, 2) some of our raw data sources get ‘revised’ by the reporting agency later on down the road so our numbers will diverge due to that. One thing we are doing to address this moving forward is to However, if you have state level data that is more up-to-date, our software also allows for editing to match regional known.

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