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    HI Ryan Thank you for your post! The information found in the Edit Industry Production Function is similar information that can be found in the Explore > Social Accounts > Balance Sheets screen and here you can see the complete Intermediate Expenditures including the Regional Absorption, you can also see the breakout of the Value Added components. Total Absorption is the total value of the Intermediate Expenditures or commodities on the right for your choosen sector and this is the Gross value. Then the Value Added field is the value that is going towards compensation and taxes (Employee Comp, Proprietor Income, TOPI and OPI). The total equation involved is Output = Intermediate Expenditures + Value Added. Hence the Absorption + VA = Total Production value. You are correct that the commodities on the right drive the first-round of Indirect spending. Unfortunately, this screen is not able to be exported out of the software. The Options > Library > Export, allows you to import production functions. You need to export the production function out to the library before it can be imported into your model. However, if you are wanting to get the spending pattern out of the software for the Industry, you can get the unaltered spending pattern for the desired Industry by importing the spending pattern through the Activity Options>Import> Industry Spending Pattern for that Industry and exporting it to Excel. If you have created a custom spending pattern, if you apply it to an empty Sector and once you have rebuilt the Model you should be able to import that Industry Spending Pattern after the Model has been reconstructed through the Options menu. Thanks!
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