Economic Impacts of veterans in Nevada

I am looking at the economic impact of veterans in the state of Nevada. I have the social accounting matrix from IMPLAN that divides households into 9 income categories. I also have data for veteran benefits from the Bureau of Economic Analysis and I was wondering if there is a way of splitting those veteran benefits by household category (how much of the benefits accrue to each household group). Thank you and best regards!
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  • Hi Thomas, Thank you for your post! IMPLAN has information on the total government transfers to households by household income group, but only in total, not by specific program. Since these transfers include not only veterans benefits but also retirement and disability payouts, Medicaid/Medicare, welfare programs, unemployment, and more, it would be hard to say that veterans payouts are spread amongst the household income groups in the same distribution as the total of all these payments. I recommend either using the median household income category or split evenly amongst them all – without data on the household incomes of veterans, it would be hard to justify anything else. Thanks!


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