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    Hi Rich, Thank you for your post. Those two values (US and State) are actually unrelated. The SAM Model Value describes the local purchase rate of local production for the state and has nothing to do with distribution across the US. It is actually the opposite since it looks only at local purchasing of local production. Unfortunately then, we cannot recommend using this value as a method of estimating distribution to your state. However you can use some of the background data in IMPLAN to make an estimation of state purchases based on local demand for the desired commodity. To do this you will need to have the Customize> Trade Flows screen available. If you do not have this function turned on in your version of IMPLAN you can activate it in File>User Preferences Once you have opened the User Preferences window, you will want to choose the Analysis tab. On the Analysis tab you will select Advanced Modeling, if it is not already checked and then check the Customize check box. This will activate the Customize menu in both your Standard and Tasks bars. Once you have the Customize menus available, you can go to the Trade Flows section and you will see columns describing Local Use of Local Supply and Local Domestic Commodity Demand. The Local Domestic Commodity Demand describes the total demand of that commodity in your state. So if you are looking at a gross production/distribution value that would include local production you could use that value. If you are looking for distribution of non-local production, you can then subtract Local Use of Local Supply from Local Domestic Commodity Demand to determine domestic imports to the region. Hopefully this helps --Implan Support Staff
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