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    Hi David, Thank you for your post. In terms of the reported Labor Income and the Employment Compensation values ratios, definitionally bonuses are a part of the Employment Compensation value. However, it can be recommended to split them if you are looking at a long-term operational impact on the basis of the fact that they may change significantly from year to year. If you want to model these separately you certainly can. You can use a Labor Income Change (since all payroll taxes still apply) or if you want to edit what the money is spent on and/or have an assumed savings rate that is different from the underlying savings rates of the 9 Household Income Groups in IMPLAN you can make changes using the Household Spending Pattern which will allow you to remove certain Household purchases and change rates. However the value used as Activity Level for the Household Spending Pattern is completely spent on goods and services so it needs to have all payroll and income taxes as well as benefits and savings values removed prior to entering it into the Event.
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