Error building V3 US Model for 1996

I am attempting to construct a US model using 1996 data with V3. I get the following error message: Unexpected error: An unexpected error has occurred. Column 'InstitutionalPayments, InstitutionReceipts, TypeofTransfer' is constrained to be unique. Value '11001, 13001, 15010' is already present. The model will be closed. Please advise.
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  • Hello, Try replacing the Structural Matrix for 1996. It is located in C:\Users\User Name (the log-in name of the User to whom the software is licensed)\AppData\Local\MIG\Implan\System Data delete the current 1996 Structural Matrix and replace with [url=]this one[/url]. Please extract the file, then try rebuilding the model. We have updated the link.
  • The zip file you sent is not the 1996 structural matrix file. It is an access db of all 1996 ODF data.

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