Question about sector 156 - petroleum refineries


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    Hi Dan, We would recommend going back and rebuilding a new Model that uses the unmodified base data. Unless you have a reason to believe that you have petroleum refineries in your region, which are unrepresented in the data, and have a value for that production, you would not want to add this Sector. You can still Margin the Sector though even if it doesn't exist in your region to reflect your petroleum sales and grab a large piece of the impact. One key aspect a lot of people miss, is that the forget is to set the LPP on the Event to SAM Model Value. And then use the Margin Edit screen to change the Retail Gasoline Station back to LPP 100%. This is a key step to not overestimating the impacts. This page is helpful in [url=]working with Margins[/url] when the item purchased is known. (we appreciate your patience as we update our website) Best regards, IMPLAN Group Staff
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