Grain Farming- TVA Question

We recently purchased county level 2013 data for the US. In running some sub-regions (within Tennessee), state (Tennessee), and a US model I noticed that value added was negative for all these models for sector 2 – Grain Farming. Further analysis indicates that the culprit was a large negative value for the value added component for tax on production and imports ($5.3 billion). Further analysis indicates that this is the second largest negative value for the entire US economy (sector 526 is the largest negative value at $10.5 billion). Is this correct? And, if so, could you please explain?
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  • Hello, this is a very good observation on your part and worthy of a question! The value is correct and is reflected in the latest (2007) BEA Benchmark data. The annual data we collect for OPI and TOPI also come from the BEA but they are at a very aggregate sector level (there is only one overall “Farm” sector) so we have to distribute this annual figure to the 14 IMPLAN farm sectors based on ratios from the BEA Benchmark (which happens to have negative TOPI for Grain Farming). Please let us know if you have additional questions.

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