Full detail IO Accounts

Can someone please take a look at the Full Detail IO Accounts exported from "Industry Accounts" -> "IxI Input Output Accounts". This is a 536-sector model now, but it still shows only 440 sectors.
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  • Hi Qiang! Thank you for your forum post. We see the issue as well and are looking into a solution. Thanks!
  • HI Qiang! We discovered it was a bad Structural Matrix file, you can download a new one here, http://implan.com/index.php?view=document&alias=29-2013-structural-matrixr2&category_slug=536&layout=default&option=com_docman&Itemid=1764 or you can call in and we'll be glad to do a logmein to assist you with it. If you download the correct file pathway is C:> Users>Username>App Data>Local Settings>MIG> IMPLAN> System Data. Please be sure that you delete your existing Structural Matrix file first. Thanks!
  • I've experienced the same problem. I downloaded the Structural Matrix indicated above, but found now that only the first 516 industries are getting exported. That is I used the 2013 Structural Matrix R2 download and replaced it in the appropriate folder. The offending export report is the IxI Full Detail IO Accounts. Before installing the R2 Structural Matrix, and after generating a fresh model and compiling it, the output truncated at 440, now at 516 industries. I investigated further and found that there are 3 versions of 2013 Structural Matrices, with no explanation of which to use, why one versus the other, and no chronological order of their posting. What gives? Which should I be using- R1, R2 or R3? I've uploaded my offending csv file. Steve
  • Hi Steven! Thank you for your forum post. I apologize for the confusion of the 3 different 2013 data releases. If you do not mind, could you please give us a call at your convenience at 651-439-4421 to speak with one of our Support Agents. They will ensure that the correct Structural Matrix file is placed on your system and that you can export the full 536 industries. Thanks

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