Is the only way to access the margin data to look at the "CommonMargins" table? Also, even though Sectors 179 and 182 produce a lot of personal care products, but for either sector, "CommonMargins" does not show any retail margin in Sector 401 "Health and personal care stores". It looks like the retail margins for these two products are all in Sector 405. In prior models, we did see significant retail margins for the "Health and personal care stores" for the equivalent sectors of the current sectors 179 and 182. Could you explain the change? Thanks.
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  • Hello, Because the data we use from the federal government only includes one retail Sector, we actually assign the specific retailer for each commodity purchase when we create the data. You are correct that we used to assign these products to Health and Beauty Care but in reviewing the retail distribution in this year's data set, it seemed to us that the majority of these sales are currently made through General Merchandisers. However, this is simply our designation, since there is no specificity on retail Sector in the reported data, thus if you prefer you can move all or part of the retail Margin reported, to Health and Beauty Care, and out of the General Merchandise Sector. We typically recommend doing this in the Edit Margin window found at Event Options>Edit Event Properties>Margins>Edit. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

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