Wage Change Analysis


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    Hi Rachel, It sounds like you are working with a pay increase. If this is the case the Labor Income Change Activity would be appropriate (please let us know if a different driver is behind the increase in income as this could change the methodology). To see the contribution of current payroll in the state you can use the Study Area Data Total Labor Income value found in the Explore> Study Area Data>Industry Summary sheet. We would recommend running a second Labor Income Change on the suspected increase in payroll in a second Activity and Scenario to see what the potential impact of this pay increase could be. A couple of things to keep in mind... - If you have additional data such as specific households impacted by the change there are other analysis options - If you are not using a fully loaded payroll value you will want to make it a fully loaded payroll value prior to using the Labor Income Change or choose a different modeling methodology - The Labor Income Change Activity distributes the wage rates across all income groups and spends on everything that those income groups purchase including utilities, mortgages etc. Please let us know if you have any additional questions,
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