Yellow Medicine County Data - Error?

I've identified a potential error with the Yellow Medicine County, Minnesota data. IMPLAN is showing nearly 3,000 jobs in the scenic and sightseeing transportation and support activities for transportation sector. I am familiar with the county and can not identify any reason for these jobs. County Business Patterns has 117 jobs in transportation and warehousing. QCEW reports under 900 jobs in trade, transportation, and utilities. According to QCEW and County Business Patterns, there are around 4,000 TOTAL jobs in the county. IMPLAN is showing 9,000. Obviously, these 3,000 jobs are an outlier and significantly affect the data for Yellow Medicine County. Can you verify these numbers?
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  • I consulted with another U of Minnesota IMPLAN user. He gets 6,200 jobs when he looks at the data, but I don't think he has updated for any of the new releases. I wonder if this is an error in release 2?
  • Hi Brigid, Our apologies in having the data team dig deeper into your concern we discovered that the value for that sector in that county is indeed overestimated, and this is unfortunately true for both for Employment Compensation and Employment. A recent change we made in our data estimation methods between the second and third revisions was discovered to be the source of the overestimation. This affected just Sector 414, and only Yellow Medicine County in MN. The best fix, for now, would be to customize the Study Area Data. The corrected 414 Employee Compensation value should be 7% of the current value and Employment should be 3% of the current value. There is a specific order of operations for this process: 1. Adjust the Employment Value, 3% of 2,922.9 = 87.687 2. Select Update 3. Lock the Values 4. Switch to Edit Totals 5. Adjust Employment Compensation, 7% of 86,964,680 = 6,087,527.6 6. Select Update Thanks!
  • Perfect. I will do. Thanks!

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